Knox, bells

We are blessed with many ministries within Knox.

Knox Prayer Chain

The Knox Prayer Chain meets on the second Sunday of the month in the Lower Hall at 10:00 am. Through their continuous prayers, they provide comfort and spiritual support to those in need of prayers.

Please contact the church office (403-346-4560) to be placed on the Prayer Chain. All requests are kept confidential.

Bible Study

Knox Bible Study has ceased during closure due to Covid-19. We will update when things are open again.

Knox Card Making

The Knox Card-making group meets each week to make handcrafted cards. These are sent out on behalf of the church to members of the congregation who may be celebrating a special birthday or anniversary, hospitalized or sick at home, home-bound and unable to attend church services, or perhaps just need a kind word of support or sympathy.

Anyone who would like to drop in and help make cards is very welcome to join the group on any Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-3:30pm in the Centennial Room at the church. We have all the supplies needed on hand, and we have fun spending creative time together. If you know a member of our church family who would appreciate receiving a card for any reason, please contact any member of the card-making group or leave a message at the church office (403-346-4560).

Knox Choir

Knox Choir has taken a break however we are still blessed with much music between organ, piano and hand bell choir.

Knox church holds the distinction of having only 3 organists in a 75 year period. Helen Moore Dawe stayed from 1922 until the late 1930’s. When she became ill, an interim organist was hired to replace her. Miss Julie Cuendet was hired in the 1940’s and continued to serve as organist at Knox for the next 55 years. This is a record in Red Deer if not all of Alberta.

Lorna Tink is our current organist.

Ladies Group

Mission Statement

  • To grow in faith and spiritual maturity.
  • To foster love and unity.
  • To support local charities and foreign missions.
  • To support Knox Presbyterian Church for the benefit of the congregation.

Membership in the Ladies Group is open to all women attending Knox Church. The group hosts events each year in order to raise funds to support various local and international charitable causes and also organizes social events for our congregation.

Major recipients of funds raised by the Ladies Group include: The Jamaican School Project, Camp Kannawin, The Salvation Army, The Red Deer Food Bank, Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, Women’s Outreach and the general funds at Knox Church.


To the glory of God and the delight of our congregation, Knox offers both a Children’s nursery during service and a Sunday School.

Sunday School runs from September until the end of May and is staffed by various dedicated members from the congregation.

Pastoral Care

Knox Church places a high priority on Pastoral Care, and has a number of dedicated Pastoral Care visitors who serve our congregation. Many visits are made each year to congregation members, and this demonstrates the level of commitment made by our Pastoral Care team members to ensure the needs of the sick and vulnerable members of our congregation are met.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, it has been difficult to offer the pastoral care that would normally take place. Hospital visits and home visits have not been permitted because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, contact has been maintained through frequent phone calls to members of the congregation who are in need of emotional support during the pandemic.

As we move forward toward normal activities within the church, we will resume hospital visits which are made each week by a visiting team, as well as home visits to members who are sick or home bound in their residences and in need of a visit and caring support. Visits will also be made to a number of local retirement residences, in addition to nursing homes and extended care facilities.

In addition, during a normal year, Home Communion is taken to home bound members of the congregation at Easter and Christmas, and at other times to members in Hospice Care who make a special request.

Mission and Society

This was a quiet year for Mission service as Knox has been closed for services for most of the year due to Covid-19 pandemic. As such, we were not able to carry out any mission campaigns as in prior years.

Due to the hardship many in Red Deer were facing, Mission donated $500 to the Red Deer Food Bank in April.

With school resuming in the fall, and many families in our community still struggling, Mission decided to provide The Mustard Seed with $1000 for the school lunch program.


“Baptism is a gift from God and an initiation into the household of God. The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated during the public service of Worship because it is a gift to the whole church.”

We practice infant baptism but welcome the opportunity to baptize anyone who believes in Christ.

Through Baptism we are cleansed, forgiven, healed and reborn.


Please contact the church office directly (403-346-4560) to make arrangements foe memorial services. Our Sanctuary accommodates 150 people (in non Covid-19 times) and more can be seated in the Lower Hall which can be outfitted with a live audio feed.


Knox offers a beautiful setting for your special day. It features oak pews, hardwood flooring and a long center aisle for the bride to make a spectacular entrance! There are stained glass windows on either side of the Sanctuary as well as a lighted stained glass panel behind the communion table. The Narthex and balcony also feature stained glass windows.

Our Sanctuary seats up to 150 people(in non Covid-19 times) and provides a warm inviting atmosphere for your wedding. Our wedding Package includes the Sanctuary rental, minister, organist or pianist and a sound technician. Weddings require a great deal of planning so be sure to contact the church office well in advance of your special day.

Please contact the church office to view the church and book your date at 403-346-4560 or